pen & alex

Hey, I'm Alex!

I’m 29 years old and live together with my two cats Rosi and Karl and my fiancé Jan in the beautiful city of Erfurt. I love drawing and cute stationery. In 2016 I founded my own little stationery shop. I started on etsy and since January 2020 you can reach me here, on my own website.

What's behind "pen"?

When I started my shop in 2016 I was searching for the right shop name for a long time. On the one hand side I wanted to use my own name and on the other hand side I wanted to show what I’m selling. “Pen” combines my biggest hobby drawing and my #stationerylove.


I’m on youtube for a long time now and you won’t believe what I started with. But I’ll tell you: with Pokemon Let’s Plays! Unfortunately I became someday embarrassed by those videos and deleted them right away. Today I’m angry about this decision because I totally could have become a famous Let’s Player.

I moved on with speedpaints and other drawing and how-to videos. In 2015 I started doing journaling videos using filofax and the hobonichi. Later I moved on to other planner systems. The channel develops and grows with the addition of vlogs.





Drawing is still an important topic on my channel. From time to time I introduce new materials I’m using, show my sketchbooks to you or draw in the hobonichi.


My main topic is journaling by now. When I was a kid I was always excited to buy new homework books, pens and other stationery for the new school year. This passion lasts until today and I’m a big fan of “analog” planning.


Sometimes I’m doing vlogs about my daily life. I enjoy filming and editing those.